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Our first luggage lost … almost!

Where is the orange bag?!

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In order to get to Tavernelle, we took a bus to Barbarino from Florence. The only problem was, we weren’t exactly sure where we were getting off. At one point, we started seeing signs to our hostel, and when the bus went a different way, we thought we’d better get off. In a mad rush to gather all of our belongings, ‘someone’ (not to name names) left our orange food bag on the bus. Luckily, we don’t keep much of value in the orange bag, other than snack food and a notepad. So considering how much we eat, we thought we might as well try to get it back.

We headed to the tourist information site to see if there was anything we could do. After about 10 or so phone calls later, the illusive orange bag was located and being held at the left luggage in Florence. A few days later we were in Florence with a two hour layover before catching a train to Venice. Robin high tailed it to the transit office, collected the orange bag, and returned to the train station in just enough time to meet Kevin for the next train to Venice, thus reinstating our no lost luggage* status :-)

p.s. this status technically has a small asterisk for the few things that ‘someone’ lost along the way (including a Nalgene bottle in Australia, a plastic shopping bag containing our lunch in Thailand, and a wool long-sleeved shirt in India). Over all, this was a healthy reminder that we really haven’t had any real issues yet with theft or stupidity. And now the moment you have been waiting for! Just what does this ‘orange bag’ look like!? Well, it’s is orange (surprise!) and has black elephants printed on it. We bought it to specifically have a shoulder strap around it so it couldn’t be easily put down and forgotten (like the lunch bag and Nalgene). Below is the best pic we could find of it (we are in an elevator). Take notice that even with it around her neck and shoulder, Robin seems to be clutching “the orange bag” and guarding it with her life:

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wow I am impressed with your follow-up! Are you guys learning lots of tidbits of languages!?

by megandibiase

Uh oh, don't tell me Kevin is becoming like Fury2 and leaving things all over the place wherever he goes...

by Jeff C

I read the whole post, but it wasn't until I saw the pic that I realized the orange bag was actually an "orange" bag and not a bag with oranges in it.

And now I just really want an orange to eat.

by Kristin

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