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Top three nasty nibbles

What is the worst food you’ve ever tasted?

We heard stories about the infamous national dish of Scotland called haggis, and even after hearing how they made it, we were still gung-ho about giving it a try. We are sad to report that even if we didn’t know that it was made from leftover sheep pieces squashed together, we still would have hated it. We investigated the ingredients at the market only to see the marketing wizards trying to mask the (heart, liver and lungs) as ‘lobes’ or ‘pluck.’ To be honest we don’t know what lungs taste like, but from the dish that we were ‘lucky’ enough to sample, it was hard to taste anything but the ‘yuck!’

Now the real question is; where does Haggis stack up in the “all time worst foods we’ve ever eaten list?” Well, without any hesitation it makes the top three for sure! Drum roll please…

The top three worst foods we have had so far on our trip around the world:

  1. 1. Italian Chicken Liver Risotto (we thought we were so cool ordering from the Italian menu when we could read two words of the menu item “pollo” and “risotto” little did we know that one of the words we didn’t know was actually the most important. In fact, liver has snuck into our meals in several different countries, it is like liver is haunting us aroudn the world!
  2. 2. Scottish Haggis (one bite was one too many).
  3. 3. Dirty armpit/sock smelling Chinese Durian Fruit that has been banned from being carried on public facilities (including the metro and busses).

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