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September 2011


what we have learned, laughed, and been frustrated by...

Basically, we are selling everything. Our hope is to move with just the bare essentials. Which may be slightly more for Robin than for Kevin. Rather than having a garage sale, we decided to sell stuff on Craigslist. So far, it has been very successful, with the occasional dumbass responses, which always provids us with some laughs. Here are just a few:

Craigslister: "How far is Bellevue to Wallingford."
Kevin and Robin: "Let me check google maps.... oh, 20 minutes."
Craigslister: "Can we meet half way?"
Kevin and Robin: "Do you have a boat to meet in Lake Washington?" (for those who don't know, halfway is in the middle of Lake Washington.)

Craigslister: "Would you take 5 instead of 10 bucks."
Kevin and Robin: "How about $7.5"
Craigslist: "Lets call it 5"

Craigslister: "Can you deliver your $5 item to Whitecenter?" (a 15-20 minute drive for us)
Robin and Kevin: "um, no."

And my absolute favorite was the girl who showed up to get a large 5 drawer dresser with broken arm and cracked rib!!!

Apparently, some items are really sought after, such as Kevin's brewing supplies, coming in at $400!!! He has gotten over 12 emails in the past day from people. Then there is selling items of no value for free. It is amazing how quickly these items went for free:

  • Zune with broken screen
  • Eletrolyte drinks that are expired

Then there are the random items that shock me when people are actually interested in buying:

  • nunchucks
  • 80s and 90s tapes

There are several tricks to using Craigslist. First, always renew your posts! This means that when people search, your stuff is on top. Second, include pictures, if you don't people will email for them and then you have to send them anyways. Third, never tell someone something is sold until the item has been picked up. There are so many flaky people that you don't want to tell a buyer that the item has sold, until you really have sold it. Finally, if people can't use Google Maps to find your house, DO NOT sell them anything! Otherwise, you will spend over 20 minutes on the phone with people who are lost, that will then show up late. So annoying!

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fun with vacuum-seal bags.

overcast 68 °F

Yep, the packing has begun. Mainly because we are not sure if we are driving our stuff or taking a truck. We are trying to downsize and sell almost everything, but there are keepsakes that we cannot part with. Today I packed up my work clothes, heavy winter clothes, and some dresses. 5 Large Blankets Prior to Vacuum Seal

5 Large Blankets Prior to Vacuum Seal

5 Large Blankets After Vacuum Seal

5 Large Blankets After Vacuum Seal

Initial Packing Complete

Initial Packing Complete

It is amazing how much you can get into a small space with these vacuum bags. We plan to travel with similar bags that are vacuum sealed, with no vacuum required.

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just one month away from our around the world travel.

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For those of you who do not know, Kevin and I are now engaged and are taking a year off to test our relationship by travelling around the world. We are wearing our wooden rings and as we learn and change with our adventure we will expect to see how our porous rings weather the elements of life, after all kevin's middle name is adapt ;) On October 13, 2011 we will be departing the US for approximately a year, following the itinerary on the map above. After Thailand, we are going to "wing it." We hope to hit parts of Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and Central America. Along the way we have some exciting adventures including working on a sheep farm in NZ, spending Christmas on the beaches of Perth, meeting up with Uncle Charles in Malaysia, attending a wedding in Serbia, watching the 2012 summer Olympics, spending some time with our family in Slovakia and England, and much much more! We welcome suggestions to places to visit.

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