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Livingstone, Zambia

An adrenalin filled Christmas

all seasons in one day 89 °F

Livingstone is like Disneyland for adrenalin junkies, and we tried to pack in as many activities as possible within our four day visit. We had such a packed schedule it was hard to remember that it was Christmas, however a kind visit to our hostel from a kid’s choir and a lunch feast at a nearby orphanage reminded us to be thankful for what we have.

On our full day of class five rafting, the fun started straight away in the first rapid when ‘someone’ forgot the ‘hold on’ part of the guide’s command and a huge wave sent him like a linebacker straight into Kevin.

Who knew that you could grab a lion’s tail while he was walking without him even noticing! We spent a morning with Simba (white lion) and Nala (brown lioness) and our favorite cheetah in the whole world, Pablo. Although the lion is one of the most feared predators of the Africa, it turns out that they are quite lazy creatures. In fact, getting them to walk at all was quite a feat!

Pedro was like an over-sized house cat with an extremely loud purr and a tongue that couldn’t get enough of licking our arms.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River upstream of the falls with some great views of hippos, crocs and the sunset. Then we went to Victoria Falls with some of our new friends. We signed up for the walking trip to Devil’s Pool where we were told we could swim in a pool right on the edge of the falls. What we weren’t told was that we would wade through a knee deep rushing river for 1 ½ hours to get there. The journey was long and strenuous but well worth it!

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Lusaka, Zambia

The new and the old Africa

Lusaka is the capital of Zambia, and thus it has several tall buildings and some developed areas. There are parts of the city where we felt as though we were back home, like when we were watching the Hobbit in the new 3D cinema at the Levy shopping mall where there is a hot light for fresh donuts… and then there were other parts of the city where we jumped puddles on dirt roads through crazy markets and came face to face with enormous amounts of poverty. It was here where we saw people sifting through piles and piles of used T-shirts from abroad. . . we probably even saw your old middle school basketball championship shirt!

We were so happy to meet up with our good friend Hossein (aka Vermz) in Lusaka after his daunting 37 hour journey to come visit us. He came fully prepared for our upcoming safari with a 64 ounce camouflaged liquor flask with matching hats and Christmas cookies from Kevin’s mom. We headed straight for some fish, nshima (similar to masa or tamale) and Mosi, the local ale.

Northmead is an area packed with clubs and street vendors selling cartons of what they call ‘Shake Shake’ which is a thick mixture of fermenting maize that according to the label is +/- 10% ABV. Every morning we’d see piles and piles of empty Shake Shake cartons, so one night we had to give it a try before going in... btw, the clubs here have mirrors all along the dance floor so that you can dance with yourself!

After years of cutting his own hair, Kevin thought he knew everything there was to know about buzz cuts. Au contrair mon frère... notice how the barber in the video is going with the grain of Kevin's hair! Apparently he hasn’t had much experience with Mazunga (white folks) hair and made for an interesting final cut.

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Lower Zambezi River, Zambia

Hippos in the heat

sunny 90 °F

Africa wilderness trips are not a great place for backpackers on a budget because safaris and staying out in the jungle are typically paired with luxury accommodation. Luckily, we found a resort on the Lower Zambezi River that offered both 5 star accommodation and 0 star camping! In order to reach the camp, we took a mini bus from Lusaka to the Zimbabwe border and then jumped on a speed boat.

The ride to the resort was basically a river safari since we stopped to view hippos, birds, dugout canoes and a big elephant! We reserved a basic camping tent for the week but because there weren’t many people at the resort we were upgraded to a luxury tented cabin.

The river was filled with wildlife; we had monkeys, ginnea faul and big 5 foot ‘lizards’ strolling around camp. It was the beginning of rainy season but it didn’t affect us much other than making for some amazing skylines and sunsets. There were lots of available activities including canoe, boat safaris and sunset cruises. We managed to see more hippos than we could count, tons of elephants, a few crocodiles and lots of birds!

We spent most of our time hanging out by the pool, catching up on our blog, reading, and playing scrabble. We also went for walks to nearby villages and were greeted by lots of young children who were eager to say hello to us. Besides the fact that we couldn’t actually go into the water because of the tiger fish and crocs, it was fun have our meals overlooking the wildlife do its thing. The most hilarious thing we saw was a hippo walking along the river side and then plop/slide down a 10foot drop to the water!

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