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Packed up and at the Airport

After another full week of organizing banks, and banker boxes we are at the airport and are so ready for the beach! We'd hate to have to give an honest number for how many times we packed everything up just to remember we forgot to put something in or needed something out of the box buried on the bottom of the stack. All together we managed to shrink our worldly physical possessions into a small corner of our parent’s basement.
With all this talk about storing and shuffling 'stuff' around, the big question is, what are we actually taking with us?!
Below is a picture of the contents of Kevin's bag spread out on a table, and the itemized list.
pair of reef shoes
pair of shower flippyfloppies
pair of chaco sandals
pair of teva light hikers
snorkel mask and breathing tube
100ml fluoride fortified toothpaste
travel toothbrush
stick of lip balm
two disposable razors
small bottle of wash gel
gum pick
stick of deodorant
ear plugs
sleep mask
extra quart zip locks
extra gallon zip locks
chico bag
money belt
extra visa pictures
vaccination card
international drivers permit
usa passport
laundry line
fake wallet with fake credit cards and id and small notes
lanyard pins for securing backpack zippers
inflatable pillow
sink stopper
two door jams
samsung focus
usb charger for focus
ear buds
ear bud splitter
business cards
canon point and shoot camera
canon camera charger
3 camera batteries
two 8GB SD cards
1gb usb key
mini tripod
international plug adaptors
thin gloves
bag of rubber bands
eee pc asus netbook and sleeve
asus power cord
mini usb mouse
mosquito bug spray
water purification drops
first aid kit
diarrhea kit
malaria pills
altitude pills
rei 40L lookout pack
two mini pad locks for zippers
rei flash 18 day pack
small nalgene
padlock and cord
door alarm
cocoon bivouac sack
bag of snack bars
medium clothes compression sack
small clothes compression sack
micro fiber pack towel for drying
small piece of micro fiber pack towel for washing with
two ankle running socks
two thin wool socks
northface thin track suit bottoms (warmups)
montane technical pants with zippered pockets
rei zipper pocket swim trunks
rei zip off pants without the pant legs
northface running shorts
technical tshirt for sleeping
boxers for sleeping
two short-sleeved 65% polyester / 35% cotton blend button shirts
long-sleeved 65% polyester / 35% cotton blend button shirt
chilis long-sleeved polyester base layer
northface long-sleeved light pull over
hooded wind shell
two exofficio boxer briefs
exofficio briefs
rei briefs

Now you might ask yourself, if all of that is in Kevin's bag, what in the world can Robin be carrying?

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Fort Collins Colorado

hotel penske from seattle to ft collins

with seattle in our rear view, we made it to fort collins! three days of driving, and two night in hotel penske.

with about 20 boxes of our worldly possessions and 5 bikes, we have filled up kevin's parents basement and are finalizing the details on the trip. For every one thing we cross off the todo list, we add three more. t-minus 2 days till we leave the states on thursday!

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So Long Seattle

GasWorks Park Farewell Party

Thanks for all the hugs and well wishes at the farewell party! On a classic seattle afternoon we had a few rain drops, before it cleared for a gleam of sun above the olympic mnts.
We home brewed 5 gallons of Raspberry Ruby Ale and 5 gallons of Coffee Stout served out of the garbage can below... which by the way was the primary fermenter for both beers and is a Strharsky heirloom handed down from Kevin's dad's brewing days.

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Motorcycle Safety Class

preparation for travel

sunny 68 °F

In case the opportunity arises to rent motorcycles, we decided that we should learn to ride them and to be safe. In the state of Washington, the motorcycle safety course is subsidized, and for just $100, you can take a 3 day course on how to ride and be safe on a motorcycle. This experience turned out to be very different for Robin and Kevin. Robin thought that riding a bike with a motor couldn't be that much harder than riding a bicycle and perhaps the class was a little overkill. Kevin thought that riding a motorbike would be very challenging.... both of us were wrong! Robin nearly dropped the bike the first time she sat down, and Kevin found that riding the bike was really not that hard.
Over the course of three days, we both managed to hone in our motorcycling skills and passed with 99 and 100 percent on the driving evaluation, and we both got 100s on our written tests. Robin was amazed at how challenging it was to maneuver a 300 pound bike, especially at slow speeds. Hence, everything is easier with more speed. In fact, motorcycling is very much like mountain biking... don't look where you don't want to go, and momentum and speed are your best friend.

Our instructor at the Evergreen Safety Council (Jim Sullivan) was one of the best. He really made the class fun, and informative. Two funny quotes during the same class came out of stories about being safe on the bike, really!

1. Jim teaching us about 'get your head in the ride or put the bike aside' told us a story about how his dog was giving birth to puppies all night long so he was too tired to ride in the rain the next day: "So my bitch was popping one out ever hour"
2. After talking about riding over train tracks at a right angle, robin gave the example of how hard it is to do that in Westlake where the South Lake Union Trolley Runs parallel to cars (and bikes): "I was being chased by a S.L.U.T. the other day"

All in all the class was well worth the money and we both are now legal to drive motorcycles in the State of Washington, which scares us a little too cause neither of us are prepared to ride on a busy street, much less the highway. But if the chance arises on a farm say in New Zealand, I think we will both jump on the opportunity.WP_000195.jpgWP_000208.jpg

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Last Furniture Standing

getting rid of everything!

sunny 72 °F

Right now there are two pieces of furniture left in our house... the desk that I am typing on and the chair that I am sitting on. Last night we ate dinner sitting on the floor using a cutting board as our table. It is amazing how much stuff two people can accumulate, we blame the basement. New rule of life = move every 3-5 years no matter what so that you can cleanse of stuff! Attached is a picture of Robin counting up the CL $ before one of several trips to the bank. WP_000210.jpg

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what we have learned, laughed, and been frustrated by...

Basically, we are selling everything. Our hope is to move with just the bare essentials. Which may be slightly more for Robin than for Kevin. Rather than having a garage sale, we decided to sell stuff on Craigslist. So far, it has been very successful, with the occasional dumbass responses, which always provids us with some laughs. Here are just a few:

Craigslister: "How far is Bellevue to Wallingford."
Kevin and Robin: "Let me check google maps.... oh, 20 minutes."
Craigslister: "Can we meet half way?"
Kevin and Robin: "Do you have a boat to meet in Lake Washington?" (for those who don't know, halfway is in the middle of Lake Washington.)

Craigslister: "Would you take 5 instead of 10 bucks."
Kevin and Robin: "How about $7.5"
Craigslist: "Lets call it 5"

Craigslister: "Can you deliver your $5 item to Whitecenter?" (a 15-20 minute drive for us)
Robin and Kevin: "um, no."

And my absolute favorite was the girl who showed up to get a large 5 drawer dresser with broken arm and cracked rib!!!

Apparently, some items are really sought after, such as Kevin's brewing supplies, coming in at $400!!! He has gotten over 12 emails in the past day from people. Then there is selling items of no value for free. It is amazing how quickly these items went for free:

  • Zune with broken screen
  • Eletrolyte drinks that are expired

Then there are the random items that shock me when people are actually interested in buying:

  • nunchucks
  • 80s and 90s tapes

There are several tricks to using Craigslist. First, always renew your posts! This means that when people search, your stuff is on top. Second, include pictures, if you don't people will email for them and then you have to send them anyways. Third, never tell someone something is sold until the item has been picked up. There are so many flaky people that you don't want to tell a buyer that the item has sold, until you really have sold it. Finally, if people can't use Google Maps to find your house, DO NOT sell them anything! Otherwise, you will spend over 20 minutes on the phone with people who are lost, that will then show up late. So annoying!

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fun with vacuum-seal bags.

overcast 68 °F

Yep, the packing has begun. Mainly because we are not sure if we are driving our stuff or taking a truck. We are trying to downsize and sell almost everything, but there are keepsakes that we cannot part with. Today I packed up my work clothes, heavy winter clothes, and some dresses. 5 Large Blankets Prior to Vacuum Seal

5 Large Blankets Prior to Vacuum Seal

5 Large Blankets After Vacuum Seal

5 Large Blankets After Vacuum Seal

Initial Packing Complete

Initial Packing Complete

It is amazing how much you can get into a small space with these vacuum bags. We plan to travel with similar bags that are vacuum sealed, with no vacuum required.

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just one month away from our around the world travel.

overcast 69 °F

For those of you who do not know, Kevin and I are now engaged and are taking a year off to test our relationship by travelling around the world. We are wearing our wooden rings and as we learn and change with our adventure we will expect to see how our porous rings weather the elements of life, after all kevin's middle name is adapt ;) On October 13, 2011 we will be departing the US for approximately a year, following the itinerary on the map above. After Thailand, we are going to "wing it." We hope to hit parts of Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and Central America. Along the way we have some exciting adventures including working on a sheep farm in NZ, spending Christmas on the beaches of Perth, meeting up with Uncle Charles in Malaysia, attending a wedding in Serbia, watching the 2012 summer Olympics, spending some time with our family in Slovakia and England, and much much more! We welcome suggestions to places to visit.

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